Another Angry Extremist

The world will make you pay for things you had no control over. Things that happened before your birth; things that you had no control over.

Be ready to be sorry for ever enjoying your life, because how dare you then expect the world to love you? You do not fit the perfect description, no Madam, you do not. 

Get back in line and be prepared to stand and to never be chosen because goddamnit, there are 7 billion people in this world – and you do not stand out. 

Your biggest crime, Madam, I’ll let you know – is to have expectations because how dare you expect to receive a little bit of what you so generously give away?

“Another angry Extremist”, the world will call you while they plunder you; belittle you; break you; throw you and write you off and away.

You should have known Madam, this was always the way. 


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