Losing my religion by Vishwas Mudagal

There is something phenomenal about self discovery. When life beats you up and you find yourself hurt in places you didn’t even know existed – you find yourself discovering yourself anew. 

Vishwas Mudagal’s Losing My Religion is a read that you’ll find yourself surprised with. It’s a book about an entrepreneur who aims for nothing but the stars, and manages to touch them too. But then when one of his big ideas falls apart and he finds himself on the verge of bankruptcy; he realises that he needs a change. Alcohol, along with a spoonful of restlessness and epiphany lands him on the banks of the river Cauvery. There, Rishi, our protagonist, befriends a self proclaimed Hippie and together they begin a journey that to me, is the most eccentric yet beautiful part of this tale. From being accused to ruining the culture of the ancient city of Manala to becoming owners of a successful shack in Gokhana and to finding love in the midst of a gaming tournament – this book tells you a story of self discovery that is quite unlike any other you’ve ever known or read. 

What differentiates Losing My  Religion from other stories of self discovery is the unconventionality of it all. The characters in the books are unique and I for one, find their take on life refreshing and unique. Vishwas Mudagal’s imagination captures the curiosity in you and you find yourself rooting for characters you never even thought you would like.

There’s something about this book that is refreshingly youthful. It’s a book that hooks you to a journey which is not only unique and full of energy but also preachy in the very least. It’s a book for all age groups and for readers of all genres. 

Model: Pooja Venugopal

This book was sent to the blogger as a part of Flipkart Review Program. 


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