The Wedding Photographer by Sakshama Puri Dhariwal

Indian Chick Lit is quite different from it’s foreign counterparts. Though the youth of this country is slowly coming to terms with the way things work in the West, we still have over protective parents, nosy neighbors and an overall overbearing society keeping a keen eye on the way we decide to live our lives.

So then – when a chick lit arrives in your hands which is truly and unapologetically desi – you’re relieved. You’ve found the friend who gets you and doesn’t shy away from being comfortable in all of their uniqueness or rather, desiness.

Travelling from Mumbai to Bangalore, this book turned out to be the perfect travelling companion. The Wedding Photographer starts with the journey journalist Risha Kohli makes from LA to Delhi and that one chance encounter that ends up being her foray in the best romance of her life. On the flight, she meets business man Arjun Khanna, who is as attracted to Risha as she is to him. Their destinies collide and Risha turns out to be the official photographer for Arjun’s younger sister’s wedding. Rest as they say, is a beauty of a book.

The writing is simple and easy. The author doesn’t shy away from using slangs the Indian youth uses and you find yourself identifying with every scenario she portrays in the book – whether it be your interaction with a puppy eyed cousin who loves you more than they should or an aunt who follows a Baba or a Ma and asks you to do the same. The writing is funny and you find yourself enjoying every bit and piece as you go on reading.

Overall, a light rom-com filled with the variety and the festivities of an Indian Wedding. If you would like to order a copy now, you can visit the Flipkart page here.


This book was sent to the Blogger as a part of the Flipkart Blogger Review Program.


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