Everything is an advertisement

Everyday as I open my eyes
And go through the daily grind
Of a double tap, a heart or a like –
I see so many unsolicited advise!

So many opinions; none of which are my own
Like, I love hearing your viewpoint
But you do need to realise
You don’t need to shove it down my throat
Or tell me, as you openly gloat
What I need to purchase as a nature lover
And what I absolutely don’t
Instead, could you tell me some of your funniest anecdotes?

All these platforms and all these characters in it,
They can’t get you to reveal where’s your heart and what’s in it
I like hearing your thoughts and feedbacks
But you don’t have to ask me to believe
In every reality that you perceive
You don’t have to tell me who to idolise;
I like some people whose existence you don’t even realise
Maybe they are not popular or globalized
But they have made changes that have bettered many lives.

I like knowing things that you’re passionate about
But you don’t have to tell me I need to feel the same
Because you and  I; we’re players of different games
I think it’s okay to say what I feel, as long as I don’t hurt somebody’s sentiments
I think it’s okay to do what I think is alright, as long as I make no fellow cry
I think it’s okay to live with three pairs of clothes because hey, that’s my choice.

We’re looking towards the road and taking charge of our destinies
I like hearing your side but honey you need to realise
That I will be a nature lover even if I don’t purchase those crystal eyes
That I will be a good person even if I don’t share, like of subscribe
That I won’t be a bad person if I don’t feel the way you do but my actions hurt no one’s life
I need you to realise
that you’ve got to let go
Of your dream to make me capitalised.


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