Who she was meant to be (Fiction)

We’ve all heard about ferocious women; the kind who don’t think twice before flipping off someone who treads too far; the kind who don’t get attached too easily; the kind who never get hurt  – ah, but I am neither, she thought.

It had been years since she had taken account of her own worth. It had been years since she had sat down in front of the mirror like she used to and listed every beautiful part of her being that she admired. It wasn’t that she was miserly with compliments; it wasn’t even that she couldn’t admire beauty. It was just that overtime she had become blind to her own allure and grandeur. To her, she was full of mistakes and full of rather undesirable qualities.

But today, she was to be proven wrong. Today, she was about to be shown the mirror and told the one thing she could never imagine to be – today she was to be told that she too, was ferocious.

She folded the corner of the page as she kept her book aside. Like a true friend, Wolf Hall,  had helped her keep her mind off him throughout the day, but ever since the moon had come up in the sky – the pages of the novel seemed to retire. They couldn’t keep her attention contained among themselves any longer. Her mind wandered too close to the sun now; her mind wandered too close to him now. She closed the book and looked outside the window. The sky depicted a particular gloominess today. It depicted a new aura today – the one that made you wonder what you would do if the world were to end tomorrow. She kept looking at the sky, contemplating the demise of the planet and then suddenly, her phone rang. It was him.

“Hey”, was all it said. ‘Hey’ was all he could text after days of absolute reticence.

She lifted her thumb to reply to the pseudo friendly text but before she could press the letter F, the window she was sitting next to vibrated. She had been correct, the aliens had declared a war on her planet. She jumped off the sofa and went straight towards the ammunition cabinet, without so much as even a moment’s hesitation. She knew her planet needed her.

“Fuck off”, she replied to the olive branch he had extended, as she ran across the lawn and right in the face of danger.

For today, she too became ferocious.


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