You are not guilty

I had fallen in love many times before that. But it was never with an idea or a thing intangible. Rather, all my loves till that point had been towards human beings. Strangers, colleagues, friends, siblings, parents and the like. But it was just then, when ‘French’ came along.

To say that I fell in love with French the way a romantic falls in love with a love story would be an understatement. I fell in love way beyond compare. I fell in love so, that I fell in love with the capital, with the signature – Eiffel Tower, with the people and with everything that resembled French.

Imagine then, the hurt I and millions like myself, felt miles away, when the news flashed that our love had been hurt. That 129 people of our own heart had been murdered. The pain does not end; the pain does not go away.

Ever since the attacks took place in Paris, the world had come to a standstill. Our once oblivious world was now being forced to stretch it’s eyes far and wide and address the issues it had long forgotten. The world could no longer ignore the screams that emanated out of Beirut, Baghdad and Zabul. When they spinned the globe now, children stopped and asked about countries the names of which their parents hadn’t learnt. Every country was now fighting for Peace – whether within itself or amongst it’s allies.

The world came to learn one of its biggest lesson then. And that lesson was not about hurt or about war, rather it was about the universality of pain. In Economics, they call Economies either Open or Closed. But soon countries realized that whether for better or for worse – each and everyone of them were open nations. The hurt that a mother felt in Pakistan when her child was brutally murdered by the terrorists not that long ago, echoed throughout the world. Every parent wept with her. Every human being prayed for her child’s name. France was to witness it too – when not only the citizens of it’s own country but also, people from all over the world held moments of silences and absolute strangers prayed for the dearly departed souls.

Ever since the attacks in Paris took place, the world saw a vast population of the Muslim community come forward and condemn the attacks. They did so, because neither their hearts nor their religion agreed with what had been done in the name of their Faith. People recounted stories after stories of how Muslims at large felt the suspicious glance of strangers on their way to somewhere. They recounted stories after stories of how young practitioners of the Muslim religion were now scared to admit to others, their own faith. The world listened carefully and then quietly replied – “You’re not guilty”.
World said, “You did not commit these crimes; neither did your faith. The people who have indeed committed these atrocities are using religion as a veil to disguise their truest intentions. A war against humanity would seem purposeless unless it has been backed by a concrete base. The cowards who mercilessly massacred young children of their own faith, can then not be considered as a representative of the Faith they claim to follow. They are holding a veil. They are holding masks of Faith.”

A species of beings who lacked courage, had once conceived the notion that they could fool the world into hatred. They had convinced themselves that wars done in the name of Faith will invite hatred amongst people. They had convinced themselves that the world was naïve enough to once again fall into the trap of ‘Divide and Rule’. They couldn’t have been further from reality, for the world had learnt from its mistakes.

The world once again repeated, “You’re not guilty”.


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