10 vintage movies for a Rainy Day

Is it just me or is the rainy season a tad bit nostalgic? Whenever the rains start pouring over the city, I go and take my place near the window – reminiscing about the good old days and the good old days that are yet to come. Rainy season makes nostalgia time travel into the future too, for me at least.

But there’s nothing better than sitting at home, tucked in the comfort of your room and a big warm spread of sheet, and indulging into the biggest cure for any attachments or emotional downturn ever: Movies.

I am sure that everybody has a list of movies that everybody else must watch at some point of their life. You may have a list of movies for the summers, for vacations, for romance or even for life in general. Everybody has a list! It is just not debatable. And, unsurprisingly ; I have a list too. But as is my take on romance, this list is a bit on the vintage side. The movies you will find on this list are from an era where the sentences in a conversation were lines taken from a poem and everything was so simple, at least as far as the big screen was concerned. Basically this is a list that has nostalgia and simplicity combined in equal proportions.

Here’s a list of the 10 vintage movies you must watch on a rainy day :

1)Singing in the Rain


There are not enough movies in this world that will show you how beautifully talented Gene Kelly was. What a Tap dancer! If I were by some miracle, ever alive to have witnessed him dance, I am sure he would tapped his way right into my heart. This movie is a story about making it big in Hollywood and is accompanied along with some amazing musicals like the one you’re sure to sing on a rainy morning – Good Mornin’!

2) Man’s Favourite Sport?


I don’t think I can ever get over Rock Hudson. I remember being quite down and about when I happened to catch this movie and I remember laughing heartily, for the first time in a long time. This movie is about a man who has made his name by writing books on fishing, yet the truth happens to be that he has absolutely no clue on how to even distinguish one fish from the other. Watch this one for the comedy of errors and the budding romance at the very end.

3) How to Kill a Mockingbird


The brilliant movie, based on a brilliant novel was written by a brilliant woman.
Gregory Peck is wonderful as the righteous lawyer who strives to reveal not only the hypocrisy of society but also bring justice to a wrongly accused. This isn’t a movie about fun and frolicking in the park, yet it is one of the the best movies I have seen from that era.

4) The Impossible Years


Wasn’t growing up just the worst? For me it was as awkward and as confusing as could be. This movie is based on a famous child psychologist who is renowned world around for his studies and research on children’s psychology but has a tough time dealing with his own coming-of-age daughter. Watch it to see maybe a tiny portion of your growing up struggles transferred onto the movie screen.

5) No Retreat No Surrender


It was raining heavily and my mom had not let me go to school. Forever happy to catch some more sleep, I went back to bed and got up sometime during a rainy afternoon. The rain was still pouring as heavily and after talking to a friend for over an hour, I kept the phone and switched onto the channel where this movie was playing. For the first time in my life, I was mesmerised by Kung Fu and Karate. I recently watched it again though and couldn’t stop laughing. The clichés going on in this movie are in a league of their own. I still love it, nonetheless.

6) The Apartment


Though this movie is set around the Christmas time, you only get to see the true magic of the season in the very end. A story about a man who rents out his apartment to his boss and other superiors so that they could rendezvous with their girlfriends. Little does he know that the woman he loves, has already been in his apartment – as the girlfriend of a married man. But, his love is too strong. And he stays with her when she goes through a tough time. The end is beautiful and will surely make a romantic out of a cynic.

7) Home Alone


In my opinion, Home Alone is as good in the rains as it is in the winters. The first movie of the series, is just authentic and complete entertainment. I love how a young kid is able to outsmart two notorious thieves and save his home and his Christmas. Home Alone is a little more than just a movie. It’s a roller coaster ride, tbh.

8) Breakfast At Tiffany’s


Audrey Hepburn. Besides being a part time spy and a wonderful movie actress, Audrey Hepburn was an intelligent, graceful, and a beautiful human being. Her role as Holly Golightly had me a little bit in love with her. This movie is about a woman who is living on a false identity in New York and is completely obsessed with Tiffany, an euphemism for all the good things in life. She doesn’t want to accept who she was before she moved into New York and basically spends her morning standing outside the little jewellery store. But there is another beautiful part in the movie which is the author who moves upstairs. His story is a little special in its own way and not so innocent, just as Holly’s isn’t. At the end of this one, you will find yourself humming that beautiful song Audrey sings – Moon river.

9) Casablanca


The story about two star crossed lovers who meet years later in the namesake town of Casablanca. The woman is married but the man, though he hides it, still loves her and waits for her. You may think some time during the movie that maybe they will end up together. But the end isn’t what one expects it to be. A movie about a love that found closure of its own. Do watch.

10) The Goonies


Now this is one movie that would find its place in every list I ever make. I saw this movie when I was a kid and I lived an adventure through it like I have never lived before. A movie about two lonely kids and their friends who will be thrown away from their home unless they can find some way to pay off the contractors. This encourages the kids to go out on an adventure and to find a fabled treasure. In this process, they not only end up making a new friend but also get closer to each other and their families. A beautiful movie for any weather but one definitely special for the nostalgic rains.


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