La Folie; Fort; Mumbai.

Mumbai, as one eventually finds out is an adventurer’s paradise. You can set out on the road and be utmost sure that you will make an amazing discovery on the streets of Bombay today. Sometimes, if you are really lucky, you’ll find yourself between crossroads that lead into different lanes; each turn offering a new avenue for tastes or a new road to take.

One such corner is the Fort area of Mumbai. It is by far one of the most sophisticated and traveller friendly places I have visited so far. Not only are there are many gems for you to visit such as the Jehangir art gallery or the Taraporevala Aquarium, but there are also many eloquent and scrumptious places to dine at, some of which you just cannot not visit. 

As a kid, I used to curse the fact that I grew up in the suburbs of Mumbai. All those amazing places like Fantasy Land theme park or those big ginormous  malls that seemed to contain all the goodies of the world; were so far away from home. Over the years though, I did end up loving my quaint little town for its peacefulness and its people but I find today that there is one more thing that I love about growing up in Thane – and it’s the fact that to me, Mumbai is still a paradise – it’s still a mystery. It’s a land that I have to discover on my own and make my own adventures within. There is nobody to tell me which road to take or where to go. When I am in Mumbai, I am a grown woman ; discovering new places and finding gems within nooks and corners of the streets, all on my own. In Mumbai I can be the adventurer I always meant to be. And for that, I’ll be forever thankful for being a part of Thane.

From CST, take a cab or if you are into the whole bohemian slash nomad vibe, take BEST bus 111 and get down at Dr SP Mukherjee Chowk. Now walk for approximately 6 minutes to the Saibaba road and on your left you’ll find yourself on the most amazing areas of Fort. Each road that you take from here will lead you to a new food adventure. There is something for each and everyone’s taste bud. From The Pantry that caters to the healthy foodie within you with their array of organic and delicious sandwiches and bagels to the La Folie Patisserie that waits on your sweet tooth with utmost sincerity and wide varieties of pastries and macaroons – it is my personal belief that anybody who steps on this street does not leave unhappy. And so, I call this my favourite corner of Mumbai.

I was travelling along with a friend and she and I were quite hungry and tired by the time we both reached the little pastry shop. I had heard about La Folie on various platforms including the very famous Instagram account @MumbaiFoodie (which by the way, you should totally go and visit like now). I had since thought to myself – I am going to visit this place once and try out all they have to offer no matter what happens to me along the way. By some lucky coincident, I was now standing right in front of the store, all ready to give my taste buds a much deserved treat. It would suffice to say, that La Folie did not disappoint.


I tried their Madagascar Gluten Free Cake from the wide selection of choices they had displayed. I guess what attracted me towards it, was the way it was covered with tiny little macaroons on all sides. It had a strawberry and raspberry covering that was jelly like in structure. Inside it had a blend of coconut and chocolate, all mixed in perfect proportions and quantities. The layering of raspberry and the macaroons distracted from the sweetness within the cake and gave you the opportunity to savour all the ingredients individually and together, simultaneously. One bite of this piece of delight and I knew, I had made the right choice.


As I finished my cake, I realised that if we didn’t leave in some time – we would miss our only bus for way back home. So, with one little smack of the lips, I got up and with a look of longing said goodbye to the shop, thinking about the next thing I’ll try when I am here again.

The thing about Mumbai is its perfect. Its like another country all by itself.
One can visit small pastry outlets and still get their money’s worth or visit the Taj and get the royal experience that we all deserve. Ah, the Taj. I have been inside that palace of a hotel only once in my entire life but it is my dream to enter it once again and sit in one of those beautiful tea parlours and pay for the whole meal, on my own. See? That’s the effect Mumbai has on me. I can walk on its road for hours on end and still find inspiration on a cornerstone by the end of the day.


Till next time; on some other adventure. Namaste.


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