“Beef banned in Maharashtra, India”
“Fifty Shades of Grey banned in India”
“BBC Documentary on Delhi Rape Incident, banned in India”
“AIB, a comedy group, under fire for comedy show”

One wouldn’t be wrong to assume, that the only thing the Indian Government has been doing in the past one week is banning everything in it’s sight – logic may be damned.
This past week, India has borne a witness to a wide variety of injunctions on various brands of constitutional freedoms, ranging from our freedom to laugh at ourselves to our freedom to show the truth of a horrific incident- one that has left a scar in the heart of every women in the country. When I step outside my house, I am immediately aware of how many pairs of eyes are on my face, on my body, on my principles, on my dignity and on my life. My father and my mother, don’t worry as much about my career and financial stability, as they do about whether I will return home safe and secure, as innocent to the evils of the society as I was, before leaving home.

Just a few days ago,The British Broadcasting Corporation channel made a documentary on the horrific and gruesome rape incident that happened in India, two years back and it’s safe to say about half of the country collectively lost it’s mind. Reactions raged from “Why our country? Rapes happen in your country too!” to “Why to showcase a Rapist’s views and opinions on national television?”. But nobody, none of these self proclaimed patriotic saints ever said, “Okay, yes Rapes happen in our country as well as theirs. This is a documentary on one such abominable incident. Let’s work together to solve this issue. Let’s bring about a change,so that this documentary is the last one ever made on Rape”. Nobody.
The anger Indians felt for being characterized as a nation that believes “women have no place in Indian culture” failed to match the anger demonstrated by Indian youth for banning the documentary. We, today’s youth, are Generation Y but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t ever been told ‘Don’t date. Don’t wear short clothes. Don’t be promiscuous’. India, has advanced industrially and technologically but our thoughts and principles are still as backward as they were half a century ago.

At the beginning of the week, Maharashtra Government banned the slaughter, buying and selling of beef. Being a vegetarian, I do not force or preach my food choices on others. But yes, I was glad to find that there was now a law in place to protect the innocent animals around us. Yet,it was the irony of the situation that grabbed the most headlines. In a time, where the rape and assault on women is bailable and molestation leads to jail time for maximum two years, why are the laws to protect everyone else stronger than they are for us? By the way, eating beef is punishable up to 5 years in jail, and shockingly – it is non bailable. Why has Indian Govt. failed to protect it’s women time and gain? What is the value of a woman’s life for the Govt. of India?

As it has happened time and again, when the Govt. fails to take proper steps to ensure protection and deliver justice; people take it upon themselves to deliver the same. In a recent incident in Nagaland where a rape accused was put into jail, a mob of close to two thousands people, broke into the jail and dragged out the alleged rapist and lynched him. This is not an isolated incident – one such event occurred a few months back in another city of the country and there too, the man’s reproductive organs were cut by an enraged mob over the allegation that he had assaulted a 14 year old girl in an alleyway. People took to social media to protest against this incident in Nagaland and asserted that mob justice is not practiced in ‘civilized societies’. But then again, neither is Rape.

The Government has to realize that the anger that arose two years ago has still not simmered down and incidents like the one in Nagaland are bound to become the norm if the Govt. as well as the police, fail to take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of women. In the distant future, we are bound to hear more about mob justice being carried out because the anger of the people has to find one outlet or another. Going by the sentiments of the people of the nation, the Govt. is taking a huge risk by ignoring one of the most pressing issues India has ever faced – Rape. The catalyst today is; as each days passes we are bombarded with stories of not only women being raped but also adolescents. In an incident in Bangalore, a three to five year old girl was raped by a staff member of her school and it was then that people realized that the bestiality has now surpassed age groups and spread to the most innocent of us all – children. A few days back, there were reports of a boy being raped by a group of men in the dead of the night. On Thursday, a man was arrested after he was found to be having intercourse with cows, by using Vaseline as a lubricant. As it can be observed from the above frightening incidents , a crime that started on the weaker sex (physically, if anything) is now extending to children, animals and boy, the man himself.

In my humble opinion, the way we look at rape is awfully wrong. We look at it with the perception that rape is done on a woman by a man but in reality; it is done by one human being on another human being. The fact, we as a civilization and as a race have reached to a day in our collective existence; that we are now capable of harming another human being in such large number of incidents without any concise whatsoever- should ignite something within us, the witnesses to these crimes. Women are not safe, neither are the children nor the animals, but the real question is- who next? Are parents to start worrying about their little boys when they leave home? Are we as a society on a pathway to fail our children after we have failed our women? These are the burning questions being asked today. And they need answers. If we avoid them today, ignore them today, the world tomorrow is going to look grim and painful. Man will be man’s greatest predator and nobody- nobody will be safe. What has started as a crime against someone’s dignity will slowly surpass into more heinous territories and we won’t be able to do anything about it, after having stayed quiet when the bestiality actually started.

Take action India. Take action world. This is, but a warning call.

Somewhere in my mind, a fear has settled in,
What started as an attack on the weak,
Has now become an attack on humanity,
The question is – will humanity survive?


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