La rue de cuisines

Every city or town has a significant element of it’s culture imbibed within it’s food and cuisine. It is my opinion, that once you get a taste of the local dishes prepared by the inhabitants of a place; you also get a glimpse into the values, traditions and emotions that are held dear by them. Take for example the metropolis of Mumbai.

Mumbai, like the most of India, considers spice as a necessity of life. We hardly ever take an interest in a snack that doesn’t give us the spice we desire. Each dish you will find on the street corner of Mumbai, shall be soaked in healthy amount of spices and a more than healthy amount of taste. In fact, we Indians have become so used to our spices that when an Indian travels abroad and experiments with the food there, he eventually discovers that the food doesn’t quite hit the spot as home food usually did.

Keeping big budget restaurants aside, the real gems of food are often found in a small kiosk or even in those good old food carts. It seems that these kiosks and food carts prepare food especially for the common man; for his tongue. They have a way of making even the most sophisticated, lust after their oily-spicy delights. Hence, I dedicate this new series to the various gems of street food that will not only leave you full and your pockets just as heavy, but also take you on a journey to food Nirvana.

Street food in all it's glory.

The kitchens of the street are back with a bang; of flavor.

Photo doesn’t belong to me.


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