Things I heard at Comic Con

I am a small or a Medium?”
“Just take both the sizes”

“Main toh kabse rap kar raha hain par jabse yeh chutiya aya hain humein toh koi sunta hi nahi”
[I’ve been rapping since a long time but ever since that dumbass has arrived, nobody listens to us]
(Honey Singh)


“Just because I’ve taken drama doesn’t mean I’m a drama queen”

“Don’t get lost yaaaaaa”

“I have three signatures from Benedict Cumberbatch but who is he?”


(Referring to my costume)
“This is some Japan cartoon…”
“No, its Jughead from Archie’s”
*Bored Expression*
“Oh. Nice”

(While posing for a photo)
“You’re Jughead from Archie’s?”
“Oh great costume. Just don’t talk about food, I’m hungry”

“I like your hat”
( In regards to Jughead Cosplay)



“Dude I know everything about How I Met Your Mother! You wanna bet? If I win then you have to give me this poster for free!”
” Okay what did Ted and his wife, first decide to name their daughter?”
*Collective gasps*

(Girl to stall owner)
“I got a free poster”
(Stall owner to girl)
“I got free entry



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