Does the Universe remember the atom in me?

As I lay in my bed, lying awake and contemplating life, I sense a change in the air. I get this feeling quite sometimes now. This strange assurance that tomorrow nothing will be the same. It won’t be a big change, but just enough to change the course of life. Just enough, to stir the boat in another direction.

If you were a child who believed in magic and Hogwarts, I am sure you too expected some miracle to happen on your thirteen or even, sixteenth birthday. Maybe you were expecting your letter from Hogwarts or maybe you were expecting someone (anyone) to tell you that you had magic powers. It’s that kind of feeling. The feeling that you have arrived. That the stars are going to start working in your favour now. That life as you know it, will change forever. That tomorrow you’ll wake up and nothing will ever be the same. That this day and this time shall be etched in your memory forever, as the day – you literally felt the universe changing it’s course for you.

There is this theory somewhere on the Internet, that maybe the reason we feel a strange attraction to another person is because when the universe collided and ever single atom ran in separate directions, some atoms stayed together. And that’s why when we meet that atom on the college campus or in the office cubicle across, we are instantly attracted to them. We are drawn to them. And they are to us.

Are we really at the mercy of the universe? Are we really just some figures on a painting that are playing out certain parts assigned to them? Or are we the figments of somebody’s imagination; feeling what they imagine us to feel and saying what they want us to say? If yes, who are these people? Where is this painting? Does the universe remember the atom in me? I wonder.

Whenever you watch a really old movie, you can’t help but silently gawk at the apparent change visible between the life that you currently live and the one that is being portrayed on the screen. Have you wondered how time changed so much in just such a little duration, without anyone ever really noticing that the change is taking place? Most often than not, one does not feel this change. He only realise it when years pass and one day, an old photograph or an old friend shows up in front of him. But then, if you concentrate hard enough, you can sense the change taking place in the air. You can feel it in your bones. And it’s only slightly euphoric.

I do not know the truth. I do not know the plan of the universe. But in my head, I see a change in the alignment of my life. Someone up there has activated another phase of my life, and I can sense the change in the stars taking place. I can feel the change in these tiny parts of my soul. They are asking me to be ready.
Maybe it’s wishful thinking or maybe, just maybe,  tomorrow will be the first day of the rest of my life.



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