When love conquers. (Fiction)

Our eyes meet. We stop. I don’t look away and neither do you. Its as if we know that tonight we can’t run away – not from each other. I look at you, silently urging you to say something like I always do and you keep looking at me, wondering what to say, as I know you always do. A lot has happened since we were kids, I know. We grew up without telling each other and left each other confused. I decided to carry this mask of arrogance so as to never let anybody take advantage of me and you grew up too; I don’t know in what way but I know that you have changed,  though somewhere you’re still the same. You take a step towards me and my heart skips a beat.

To say that I am sorry for the way things turned out between us would be an understatement. I keep going through everything in my mind again and again, wondering where did we go wrong; when did we fall apart. We have fought with each other silently and we have barely spoken a word to each over these last few years. Yet, when I look at you I feel this weird connection.. this strange urge to be your friend. A strange force pulls me towards you – is it scientific or is it just my heart playing havoc again, I’ll never know.

You say my name! It feels like music coming from your lips. I want you to say it again, I want you to say my name. And when you do; say it again, I fall apart. Because this is what I wanted, because this is what I needed. I look into your eyes and see the fire I always knew was alive and I secretly hope that you too, see the fire in my eyes.

You come to me and immediately take me in your arms; where I belong. I am unsure for a moment ; wondering if this is a dream or if its reality, because I have dreamt of you only so many times. You place your head in the crook of my neck and breathe in my essence; I immediately let out a whimper of happiness when your breath touches my skin. You lift my face with your fingers and look down at me, telling me what I already knew. Your eyes; they tell me you love me. I smile and look into your eyes, telling you that I always knew and that I love you too. You smile back and bow down, to touch my lips with yours… Heaven breaks loose. My heart stops. Your kiss is as gentle as that of an angel, nay its so much more beautiful. And slowly I learn to return it back.

Still in a daze you look up and tell me, bringing me closer to you, like you own me. I come willingly because I know that you do; I know that I am yours.
“I have always loved you and only you”, you say, your eyes burning with desire.
I look up and kiss you, “I know. I have always loved you too”.

You smile that smile of yours, and I fall in love all over again. In your arms, I realise; I have found my place.


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