Life ; Death.

As a kid, death doesn’t really scare you. You laugh in the face of it. You do things that the whole world warned you against because you just don’t care about the consequences. You don’t even realise that death symbolises an end, a black hole that you can never come back from. So you play with death. It is not your concern.

Why is it then, that once we grow up, we start fearing our end? We become overly cautious about every single thing we do.  We don’t want to walk alone at night, for the fear of being stabbed in an armed robbery. We don’t want to take that road trip for the fear of dying in an accident. Every single thing, consciously or unconsciously, our every single decision is ruled by the fear of death. And this fear, this heart stopping-all consuming fear, gets worse as we age because we slowly start acquiring things that we could lose if we died. We now have loved ones who depend on us, who we love and who love us right back and we don’t want to lose them. So we decide to do everything in our power to avoid, ever losing them.

Millions have come before us and millions have died. Yet when a loved one departs, we don’t know how to deal with the loss. Death arrives like an uninvited guest, it does. It catches you when you are not prepared and at are your most vulnerable. You never know what day is going to be your last or what place, what people, what word you have seen, met or spoken for the last time. Yes, this is how it was meant to be. Yes this is what ‘life’ is. Yes the world is not fair. And yes, death is real.

But the worst kind of death, in my opinion, is the one where it seems like it’s the only option left ; where it seems like the only way out. Where instead of fearing death, one embraces it and more often than not- a little too soon. Every life is worth something. No matter how difficult it might be.
And maybe just maybe, your time is not now. Maybe just maybe , there are millions out there whose life you are supposed to change. Maybe just maybe, there is someone out there who will make life seem fine and happy again.
So don’t go away.
Be a little more strong.
Be a little more resilient.
Don’t hide your pain.
Tell us where it hurts.
Maybe some of us can help.
Please listen to what we have to say.
Don’t go away.


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