Growing up with TV

“Hey, hurry! Small Wonder is on!”
This was probably the most common exchange between siblings and friends alike, way back in the 90s.
Ah, the 90s.
My memories of the 90s are mostly filled with the typical Bollywood movies that advocated saying ‘apun’ like 50 times a day, that advocated flirting with your sister in law’s sister while dressed as a girl because hey, it’s not weird- it’s funny! And that also ,ironically, taught us how important it is to love family. But yet, if there’s one thing that stands out the most- it’s probably the one thing that brown kids and white kids could ever relate to, in terms of their childhood and that are those classic sitcoms that came on our little screens, in our separate homes and made us all feel so warm and cuddly inside, all the same. I still remember feeling that I quite actually lived in America, when Small Wonder came on the TV. My little brain did not understand that there is a distance of thousands of kilometres between the two countries because for me , if Small Wonder came on my TV and your TV then it meant that I was as much as a part of America as anybody who actually lived in America. Christmas was a day to celebrate for us brown kids too. Until we grew up and were told that Christmas was not celebrated in our ‘religion’. We were compensated with the promise of Diwali instead.
I remember reading a poem as a kid that was written from the point of view of a man who was remembering his childhood, after coming across his old toys that had been swept in the far corners of his memory, by time. To a previous generation, it was toys that reminded them of their childhood but for Generation Y, that is you and me, it has been replaced by those TGIF sitcoms that made the world a better place. Whenever we come across an old episode of ‘Boy Meets World’, I’m sure that you feel the same wave of nostalgia as I do. You instantly flashback to your school years, when you came home from school and bundled up with your family members or went over to a friend’s place and had a hot bowl of cocoa, as you waited for that new episode of ‘Boy Meets World’. Time seemed to be your greatest enemy, as you calmly waited for ‘Allen Strange’ to come on the screen and share a glimpse of his twisted adventures, with you. Today most of the children who ever grew up watching these shows, have become adults, got a college degree and are probably ready to start a family of their own. Many of us have come of age and are rearing to take on the world. But no matter where you are in life, you will still allow yourself a moment, to remember that time when life was not so complicated and when everything you saw were through the eyes of a toddler who always saw the world with a hint of innocence.
I always had people tell me, as a kid, that Television is bad and it’s an idiot box but to me, then and even today, it resembled a way of connecting with someone who stayed 1000 miles away from me and it was television really that taught me to imagine,dream, and aspire. Disney movies had the same effect on us as they did on you. Every girl wanted to be a princess and I too thought that I will get a visit from a fairy who will tell me, on my 13th birthday that I am actually a witch and I am old enough to gain my magic powers now. I am still waiting, you know.
Life goes on, we grow up and we mature. The things we thought to be true turn out to be carefully crafted stories. Yet, the one thing that doesn’t go away are our childhood memories that connect us to a simpler and maybe a less complicated world.
In conclusion, I want to thank all those people who worked to give us these memories and these moments of escape. We, the eternal kids, are forever thankful.


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