MH 17

Lucy, Wife
It seems like only a week has gone by since we took our vows together. There you were, in your black suit, all smiles and filled with love, waiting for me; your gushing bride. I saw your face and lost myself in a sense of euphoria because it hit me right there and then that I was going to make a family with you, that I was going to wake up and find you beside me, that I was yours and you were mine, now and for the rest of our lives. You always joked about how I ran on the aisle, towards you like I was being chased by a predator. But the truth is, I was impatient; I was impatient because I just couldn’t wait another moment, to begin my life with you. You gave me everything – security, love, happiness, two wonderful children, a place to call home but yesterday I lost the one thing that was most precious thing to me, given by you. I lost you.

Suzy, Daughter
Hey Dad, where are you? It’s okay. I know you are not coming back but you are here, right? You are somewhere above watching over us, right? Dad, you said that when we die we go to heaven and become stars. Which star are you? You see, I and Mathew are trying to look for you but we just can’t seem to find you! Can you do something that will make you a human again instead of star? Should I talk to God? Will he listen to me? Anyways, I’ll talk to him. I know you are here Dad. But we can’t see you.

Mathew, Son
I know you are dead. I know what that means, I am old enough now. I know you are not a star and I know that you are not here.
I told you, remember? I told you to sit with me and play baseball but you said you were late for your flight. I am so angry at you. If only you had listened to me! Why did you have to go?
I miss you dad. I love you. Please come back. Find a way. I’ll do my homework, I swear! I’ll clean my room too. I’ll never leave your side. Come back, I’ll not be angry at you, I promise.

Robert, Best friend
You did it. You were first. It’s okay, I get it. You are more awesome than me. Now come home, okay? I swear I won’t have stupid and pointless arguments with you about baseball. I swear I’ll even cheer for your team (sometimes).
Tell me something, who am I supposed to call when I get promoted at work or I score with that hot chick from college? Who am I supposed to call when something big happens now? Have you ever thought about that, eh? We had a bucket list to get to, you know. All the things we would do when we get old. But now..Life was tough when we were kids. I only had to talk to you when I was down and you like a magician, would bring me right back up. I wish I could have been there for you, bud. I wish I could have done something instead of wishing you a safe flight, a day before.
Anyways, save some space for me. I know how much you hate being in a unknown place. And don’t worry about your family, they are more stronger than what you give them credit for.

Martha and Bob, Parents
You were our only kid. A piece of our heart. You made us so proud when you took your first step, spoke your first word, got A in all of 10th grade, when you graduated and then went on to college. When you got a job, we looked at each other and silently gushed at having raised such an amazing man. You made us so happy when you married Lucy and then went onto give us two special grandchildren who are so much like you. You were a good kid. You were more than what we deserved. Nothing is  greater than the pain of seeing your kid leave the world before you. And we are still dealing with it. We hope you got peace in the end. We hope you are happy wherever you are. 
We hope you are alright.

To them they were 295 people but to their families they were husbands, wives, dads, moms, son, daughter, sister, brother, friends and much more. If we account for all these relations, the loss will total up to be so much more than what we can ever imagine. Wars shall exist as long as nations do, they say. And innocent will keep bearing the cost of all this pain.

My sympathies are with the families and my prayers are with those who have now departed from our world. May you rest in peace.


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