No ordinary dreams.

Boy, if I ever thought that life was going to be easy, I had another think coming.
In the roughest and the toughest of times, I eventually tend to go back to a quote from a very beautiful movie – The Pursuit of Happyness. The scene is thus ; a young boy desperate to impress his father, shows off his sports skills by successfully tossing the ball in the basket, his dad scolds him gently and says that since he (the father) was never good at sports, there were very low chances that his son would ever be good enough. The son, dismayed at hearing this, gathers up his ball and puts it into a bag. The father realizes his folly and then goes on to give the best piece of advice that has ever been passed from a father to a son, he says, “Don’t you ever let somebody tell you that you can or cannot do something. If you have a dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you that you can’t do it. If you want something, go and get it. Period “.
See? I still get goosebumps hearing that.

We are young, we are energetic, we have seen far few failures than our fathers. Yet, when somebody puts a barricade in front of our dreams, we get disheartened. We give up – just like that. Why? Was failure the only thing stopping you? Lucky are those, who have seen failure. No really. They have seen the unknown, they have an advantage that the others don’t. Whenever life will present a failure to them in the future, they’ll be the first ones gathering up their guns to fire again. They’ll be the ones telling everyone else to not give up- atleast not yet.

This is the power of the youth. That adrenaline bursting through you, telling you that you are awesome. Telling you, that you, yes you, can change the world. But sometimes, this adrenaline works it’s way into our heads. It just simply vanishes when we don’t succeed on the first or the second try. So deceptive.

But I am not giving up. So you better not too. We have a long way to go , you and I. Tumbling and falling , we will reach our destination – no matter how impossible and distant it may seem now. We had a dream and we have to fulfill it , otherwise what’s the point of life. Remember Charles Darwin’s theory- ‘survival of the fittest’ ? That theory was totally legit. I swear.

It is your dream. And you have to protect it. Logic be damned.


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