The Mango People.

Mango in Hindi, translates into ‘aam’, a homophone for ‘ordinary’ or ‘common’. Hence in India, the common man is commonly, referred to as the ‘mango man’.

Start walking on the road of my country and chances are , you’ll end up hearing tales after tales of how the life here, (ironically) sucks the life out of you.
It feels as if everyone is having a bad day. Everyday is a reason to worry and every celebration is marred by someone telling you that your achievement is purely ordinary. As a youth, on the verge of making or breaking my career, I now find myself dragged deep into a discussion about the future- a future that is not based in India but anywhere and I mean anywhere,  outside India. The youth of this nation tells me it wants to move abroad. Over-friendly neighbors and ever-helping relatives encourage me to aim for an education in the foreign countries. Why? So that I can find a job abroad and settle down there itself. But the real question is what is there in that vast space outside India that is not present here?
A relative and a friend that recently visited India after quite a long time, evidently seemed appalled at the suggestion of ever coming back and settling down here. My very own sibling refuses to have anything to do with India once he sets foot abroad. People tell you at every step, ‘Go here, the currency is much stronger here’ or ‘Go there, the environment is more suitable for your needs ‘.The list is endless.  Today, even the most honest of patriot has developed a general distaste for his own country. He is neither happy nor is he upset. He is only dissatisfied.
Let’s talk about the middle class man of my country. He is bothered by trivialities, affected by them yet remains absolutely helpless to it. He is storing his anger in ‘a cool and dry place’ , always ready to be unleashed at the slightest friction. The rickshawallas (Indian taxi) want to increase the basic rate ; the average Indian, on the other hand stands in the way of their dreams.
They fight. They forget. They carry on.
On a scaled of 1 to 10, the happiness of the Indian citizen can be given a mere rating of 3 points. The Indian citizen is not happy.  He does not see his future here.  He will readily pack his bags and leave for abroad before you can say ‘Stay’. And personally, I feel the only person to blame for this precarious situation in our country,  is our government. Scams, corruption, bureaucracy inefficiency can now be added to the distinctive features of our country. High levels of licensing and taxation urge businessmen to go abroad with their investments. Inflation has ruined the life of the common man and farmers are committing suicides every minute. One wonders, where is the India they taught us about in schools? When is this land ever going to be the land of opportunity?
You might call it ‘brain drain’ but I would rather call this situation a ‘brain save’.


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