Wanderlust (n.) : An innate desire or impulse to roam the world.

Sitting here, in my four walled room , I dream of a land that has absolutely no barriers. Where walking on the hills is completely ordinary and being among the nature is considered as natural as the need to socialize. I dream to be atop the tallest mountain, I dream to be wooed in the beautiful city of Paris, I dream to be present everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Do you see yourself as a member of the world rather than as a member of a nation? Is there a side of you that only desires to roam and explore instead of settling down and living the regular life? If yes, then you too my friend have wanderlust. Never has our kind been happy, living in closed corridors, being told that this is life and here are the rules. We have always rebelled against the idea of an ordinary life where the rules are already made and you are expected to follow them. Society burdens you, it guilts you into thinking that having your own dreams and ideas is equivalent to escaping your responsibilities. But why must we do as society says and shush our heart away? Don’t we deserve to live the way we desire to live? Don’t we get to get up and wander away?
Some part of me, that has just come to life, has succeeded in capturing all my senses. It beckons me and urges me to not be tied down by the need to start a family, by the need to marry and settle down, it welcomes these sensations but it tells me quietly, ‘Don’t let them fool you.Is this what you really want?’ Maybe there is a reason why I haven’t yet met the guy who I want to spend the rest of my life with. Maybe someone up there knows that I have too much of a free spirit to let anyone stop me from doing exactly what I want to do. It is quite impossible to find someone who will agree with everything I’ve got to say and stay with me till the very end. But that’s okay. I have wanderlust, I wouldn’t have stayed anyway.

Wanderlust is not an excuse, absolutely not. It is just a way of life. It is just the way we wish we could live. It is just the way we will soon come to live.


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