On being Gay.

On the day of 11.12.13 the honourable Supreme Court of India decided to go back by a 100 years. Today, it upheld the law that promotes punishment for being gay. It criminalized engaging in sexual activities with the same gender. This was a day that India’s supreme court lost it’s respect in the eyes of every sensible and rational thinking individual of the country.
As a student of law, I grew to greatly respect our supreme court. It’s verdict were sensible and filled with common sense. Supreme court demands a higher respect than the country’s government and is thus considered to be the supreme power of the country. But that day, it kind of lost some of it’s charm. Whatever you are and whosoever you are is your choice and any person or any court for that matter, has absolutely no right to dictate what you should do or how you should do it as long as it is not against public policy. But really,in what world is sex between two consenting adults the matter of discussion for the whole world? We are not perfect , so what right do we have to judge someone for being who they are, for being born the way they were?
Ofcourse, the youth of the country is furious with this decision and has taken up various means to express their outrage. All members of the LGBT community have received tremendous support from people from all walks of life. And the most important support has come from their straight friends.
There are some who say that being gay will bring the apocalypse (yes really, read the paper!) and I am left bewildered as to how ignorant a person can be. Today we see women getting raped all over the world, their dignity being thrown about as if a toy, children being kept in unspeakable conditions in adoption homes but yet we choose to ignore these issues and focus on criminalizing the innocent.
I personally feel that in the coming years it won’t matter if you are gay or straight. All that would matter, is if you are a responsible citizen of the country. And really, isn’t that what we as a country should be concerned about? Instead of making stricter laws to avoid corruption or rape, we focus on making laws about criminalizing love between two people.
Wake up world because if we ever face the apocalypse it will only be because of your ignorance.



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