Almond Meal Pancakes : Low Calorie and Delicious .

Came across this recipe on the net recently and I just had to try it! I expected to find the result a little less tasty than the traditional pancake but I was in for a surprise. I tried it today and here’s is the final product :


Ingredients :

1 cup almond meal, 3 eggs,1/8 Tb spoon vanilla essence, 1/8th Tb spoon cinnamon powder

Procedure :
Step 1 : First off, you need to make the almond meal. It is really easy to make almond meal and you can make it at home quite easily. To make the almond meal, firstly keep 1 cup of almonds soaked in water ,overnight. Next day, blend the almonds and you will now get a milk like liquid which is known as Almond milk. Using a cloth or a strainer ,extract all the milk and refrigerate the almond meal left on the  strainer or in the cloth. Do not throw the almond milk, I have a recipe for that too!
Step 2 : You can refrigerate the almond meal to increase its shelf life. I had kept it refrigerated for almost 4 days. Now, remove the almond meal from the fridge and add the 3 eggs (whole), vanilla essence and cinnamon powder and blend the whole thing. Throw in a mashed banana or strawberry for more taste.
Step 3 : Butter the whole pan or use oil. Put small dollops of the mixture on the pan, spread it and cook each side for about 2-3 minutes. Keep the heat at minimum, otherwise they will get burnt.

Tips :
You can drizzle maple syrup, date syrup or honey as they all are low in calories in comparison to sugar. Garnish with more fruits!

Nutrition Facts :

  • Calories – 356 (1 pancake = 51 calories)
  • Total quantity – 7 pancakes per batch
  • Almond Meal is gluten-free.

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