Politics and the Youth.

We are the youth. We are the future of our country. Yet , when it comes to defining what is really happening in our own nation – we are clueless. You have your cricket fans, you have your football fans and you have your Pop music fans but what you don’t have – are your Politics fans. I certainly don’t see one around me.
The reason for my recent discovery, is an article that I read in the weekly edition of the Economic times. Flipping one page after the other, I was shocked to discover how little I knew about what had been happening in India in the past year, in front of my very own eyes and yet , I had been completely unaware about them. India, in the past few years has been facing a revolt of sorts from a group of suppressed tribals – Naxalites , in Chattisgarh. These tribals have not only been suppressed by the politicians but also the police along with the various other officials that govern the place. It was only years later that the Naxalites decided it was time to make their voices heard. They didn’t really want violence , they only wanted their rights. But over the years the situation has taken a different turn altogether. Politicians and police officers who tried to intervene into the situation have been shot dead by the Naxalites. Opening up school in Naxalite ruled areas has become impossible. The politicos that rule the state prefer having Naxalites in their state. Why? Because this means more funds allocation by the government to fight the situation which undoubtedly goes into the pockets of the politicos.
You may say, boo the politicos but my concern is with the Government. Dear Government, I say, why do you keep spending the tax payers money by allocating 1000 Crores of rupees to the so called funds and later on, do not even bother to confirm if the funds have been utilized thus? Even I know that these funds will never go in the hands of the people who actually need them. So why don’t you? You were supposed to be the bright ones I suppose.
Two years ago, I had gone to Goa on a trip. During our visit, my uncle who had been living in Goa for more than 10 years, confessed to my mother that he was planning to leave Goa and head back to his hometown. Neither I nor my Mother understood the reason for his sudden desire to leave Goa. It was a beautiful place ofcourse! Who would ever want to leave it? But when my mother asked him why he wished to do so , he did not reply. Instead his only response was silence. But yesterday, I finally understood the reason for his silence. Goa’s underbelly is nothing short of a Cocaine paradise. Drugs are a part of every party and alcohol naturally follows. Drug lords that also play the role of loan sharks are as much a part of Goa as it’s beaches. Recently, a man from Nigeria was brutally murdered and left on the streets, in broad daylight, as a lesson to anyone who messes with the loan sharks. His fellow country men demanded justice for him. In Goa, drug is the connection between a drug lord and a super powerful politician or a businessman. They cannot be disposed off without effectively destroying the image of Khadi* wearing politicians. Hence the Government shall dilly dally until it can do so no more.
The Government that was supposed to take care of us is slowly but surely destroying our faith in it’s own nobility. The thing that I don’t understand is that when any Government comes into power, why does it act as if it’s above it’s own country men? Why do they behave as if they are a part of a different group than us – their brothers and sisters? Any Government that adopts such a role is sure to be shown the door at the next elections. That’s the power that we as citizens have in our hands (pun not intended).
One may blame the system of democracy as well – Why are we allowed to speak our minds only at the elections? Why are we not allowed to ask during the period of 5 years that a Government is in power, how our money is being utilized? Why is there such a lack of transparency? Yes, many cooks spoil the soup but really can’t we have a bit more of transparency in our system?
Politics remains a platform to debate and ponder upon which we have all the time to do on social media platforms (including this blog post) But we don’t want to take action. We don’t want to vote. The reason being- “there is no scope for any improvement in politics” and really, we’d rather not try.


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