Get the ball rolling.

“We are all waiting against insurmountable odds, for something extraordinary to happen to us”, says Khaled Hosseini in his new book, And the mountains echoed. I wonder though, how many of us actually go out there and MAKE life happen instead of standing in line and patiently waiting their own turn. 

 I ask you only this, why wait for situations to get better? Why not just go out there and make an effort? Chances are that things will happen the way you want them. Chances are they won’t. If you can’t get what you want, you at least managed to let the world know that you have arrived and you are here to win. I see so many people, around me, waiting for life to happen. Waiting for some golden opportunity to come wrapped in a gold foil and gently knock on your door. And these are the ones who are always left behind,still waiting. Patience is a virtue. And I agree. But isn’t patience a virtue only when you have tried your best and are now waiting to bear the fruits of your efforts? Why let a bunch of principles and ethics guide the way you live, especially if you come to the conclusion that these guidelines don’t fit into your situation? Why not stop making excuses and do what you set out for? Life is short, you know. 

We all like to blame our circumstance. We all love to complain but the reality is so- that if you are reading this on your laptop , you have it better than at least 3/4 of the world. If you are reading this on your mobile, you have it better than at least 1/2 the world! Now, isn’t that something? I began as a Facebook activist- If i ever came across something offensive I would sign petitions and leave a comment against the issue but then one day I wondered to myself, who is reading these petitions that i sign? Does someone actually take them to court and show them to the judge saying that a particular girl thinks this is wrong, to build his case? Am I really contributing something? It was after this moment or two, of epiphany, that I decided that if i really wanted to do something about something that bothers me, I should get out of my house and actually do it. That’s how I became a part of a NGO that rescues animals and looks for foster homes for these adorable beings. My contribution, to the NGO,  in my opinion is not enough. I merely  help them in managing their accounts since I have a commerce background. But even then, it feels good to help someone who is rightfully helping another living being  in need. 

You might argue that your time hasn’t come yet. You might say that you have no ability that you could utilize for helping someone. So fine, be patient now. Make efforts and capitalize every opportunity coming your way. Use the education at your disposal and become a person whose opinion becomes valuable to the world. Achieve your goals, live your success and then come back. Come back to the spot where you started and open your arms and give back. Give back, so that one of the people that you help, becomes a success too and he or she too, gives back. Get the ball rolling.
And before we know it, this world will be a better place. 


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