The Real Coming of Age.

Standing on the verge of adulthood, I’m a teenager. Living a life that is as ordinary as ordinary gets, I dream of making my existence count. Mature enough to know that life is never constant, I’m naive enough to still get hurt.
As we are busy growing up, we often form ties and bonds that aren’t blood related. You acquire yourself a friend, a mentor, a supporter, a confidant and so many more relations all along the way. Relationships are like toys. The first stage of relationship begins with you having an utter fascination with your friend/mentor or any other. Then slowly you notice minor faults in each other ; these relationships are not able to fill that void in the same manner they once did. There is a slight distance. Then comes the third and final stage wherein finally you outgrow each other. The charm completely vanishes and there are just old memories in your mind that enables one to remember the other.
At the end of it all, don’t you just feel abandoned? I mean, here you were thinking that you and your friend are sailing in the same boat and your friend will always stay with you till the very end. You will reach the shore together, you promised each other. But suddenly, before you know it, your friend has already jumped outside the boat. He knows the boat is a lost cause and now he has already started finding alternative means to survive. You feel abandoned.
You and your friend used to talk to each other the whole time, each minute of every day. However once there comes a day where your call goes unanswered. Even if they pick up the phone , the answers are rushed and there’s an air of impatience in the conversation, forcing you to make this conversation quick. She is moving on in life, her priorities have changed, she has changed. And you feel abandoned. A person, who you thought , will ultimately be your close friend some fine day , turns out to not even acknowledge the fact that you exist. On the other hand, your once close one , you realize, is now an acquaintance. Yet again, you feel abandoned.
Are we humans just basically so narcissistic that even when someone makes an effort to bring about a change in themselves and in their own life, we somehow find a way to make it all about us? We try to see, no, we force ourselves to see, how this change can affect our own lives. We are so busy looking and peeking into another person’s life , that we don’t even realize when our very own life has changed. Suddenly you are a year older, you are expected to know that the world is not fair. You are expected to know that Disney doesn’t write real life stories. You are expected to know the difference between reality and dreams. You are just expected to grow up. Just like that. Hell there’s not even a warning!
Is this what you call coming of age? Am I , really, truly and unfortunately not a kid anymore?


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