The 8 most underestimated ways to feel good.

Today, feeling good about yourself, your environment or the world in general, is such a task. You might have noticed that there are not many jazz singers out there that are singing about ‘what a wonderful world’ it is. Floods, famines, poverty and corruption have literally left no place untouched. Every other day you might come across an article in the newspaper or a coverage piece might keep flashing on the news channel, reporting rape, molestation, child abuse and now – even animal abuse. In the middle of all this, it’s understandable and rather probable that one might end up losing not only his hope but also his positivity.  Here are a few things that might hopefully help in bringing a moment of peace to you:

Solitude : Solitude is utmost desirable when you feel pressured or burdened by the expectations that people have of you. Or you just need some time for yourself. Give yourself a chance to hang out with you. Most of the times it’s solitude that helps us sort out the difficult things.
Companionship : When solitude runs it’s course or it’s not solitude that you are looking for – it’s usually a time for companionship. Talk. Talk to close ones / like minded folks who are ready to listen. They might not necessarily be the same.
Music: I basically belief that every person on this planet should start his day with a collection of his favorite music blasting in the background. If you wish to make your experience more worthwhile go for an early morning stroll while filling the silence with your music.
Hobbies: What do you love to do? What is your passion? Is it making music, drawing, engaging in adventure sports? What do you LIVE to do? Give your hobby a chance and see how productive it makes you.
Purpose: Many of us feel that we have a purpose in life. That we were born to do something big or something small but definitely something important. Do you feel the same way? If yes then stand up for your beliefs , causes or views and make your existence count. If you don’t necessarily feel the same, try tapping your hand in various things – volunteer even if for a day for any cause you believe in.
Adventures: This is the only life you’ve gotten. The only , as far as you know, you will get. Why waste away each moment? Why not be adventurous and tread the unknown? Why not try to write your own life story? Here’s a tip : Make a bucket list. And follow it.
Random acts of kindness: As they say, being kind to others is the ultimate selfish act. Try following the example of ‘Kindness Card’ wherein people gifted the said card to one stranger and asked him/her to name one thing that the volunteers could do for them. After completing the task, they then instructed the said stranger to pass along the card and do the same for someone else.

These are some of the  few things on the top of my head that are the most underestimated. Reason? Because they are so simple. We literally do these things everyday and everyday we get a little happier because of them. But do we ever really take the time to appreciate these few simple things in life? No, we don’t. So yeah here’s the eight one : Try appreciating the small and simple things in life.

Stay positive, you 🙂


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