Losing all hope was freedom.

I know you know. This is a quote from a really popular movie – The Fight Club. A quote that ,only very recently, I finally understood. I came across this quote a while back but at that time I had no idea what it meant. I even wondered if it was rightly put. How come losing all hope to win something be liberating? Shouldn’t it be disappointing? Shouldn’t it be life shattering? Do you remember that story that we all read when we were kids, Pandora and the box of troubles ? Where the curiosity of a young girl got the better of her and caused her to open a box which was doomed to only spread sorrow and disease among the human kind. But there was a relief granted to Pandora and the human kind in the form of a little fairy – Hope. Yes, Hope. The story advised that if you are ever faced with a situation that can ruin your life- hope. Hope that it will all get better.This was the relief that was granted to us.
But sometimes, it so happens that we hold onto this hope for far longer than it’s necessary. We become utterly and devotionally dependant on it. We stop our lives and swear to ourselves to only continue living  once a certain thing happens. Unless it happens, we do nothing else but hope for it to happen. But maybe, just maybe, this thing that you want the most in the world isn’t really worth you. You deserve more.  You deserve better. Maybe, just maybe, you are hoping for something that won’t lead to any good for you. It’s not meant for you. It’s not yours to claim or want. It’s someone else’s. So let go.  You will surely get more. You sure as hell ought to.
The biggest way to truly find out if this is thing that you really wanted or not , ask yourself this – Did you feel free when you lost all your hope? Did you feel lighter? Did you think (even if for a second) that you can now finally move on? Happily? If you have answered affirmative to any of these questions, you have understood this infamous quote. If you have answered negative, ponder again.
Ofcourse, losing all hope for something that was so important for you, can be disappointing at first. But trust me , the disappointment doesn’t last long. It usually subsides with time and you find yourself happier than you have ever possibly been.
Here’s the fun part- You can now finally do all those things you wanted to do since a long time without any guilt whatsoever. Your life is yours again. It’s not dependant on someone or something. So keep calm and lose yourself in this wonderful sensation of losing all your hope.


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