Growing up with Life.

Life is such a mysterious thing. isn’t it? It’s constantly changing, constantly modifying our thoughts and perceptions as it simultaneously keeps moving at a lightning speed. For example, priorities. Who here can say that the things they wished they had when they were probably 13 years old are still on their wish list today? When I was 13, I wanted to be super famous. I wanted to be the most popular girl in school, I wanted a hot boyfriend, I wanted to hang out with my ‘super cool’ friends all day long and just be sought out after. But today, I hardly think that these are the things I’m looking for in life. My early teen years were spent fantasizing about  my high school crush, being a part of the high school drama ,agonizing over weight issues and worrying about exams. I look back now and wonder how important these issues were to my adolescent heart. But as it usually happens with life, I grew up.
Growing up is a process. It’s not something that happens ‘one fine day’. And the catalyst here is Life itself. ‘Life’ basically thinks you are a fool. You won’t learn anything unless you are kicked hard on the ass, given a live example and then yelled upon. So it plans all these lessons for you that come to you one by one over the years. I like to call one of these lessons as ‘people’. The other being ‘events’. Some lessons are pleasant ; they aim at inspiring you. Some lessons are unpleasant ; their aim is to teach you something, that you will hopefully never forget, the hard way. And if you do then you are well qualified to deserve another one of these lessons. In summation, I think it’s these lessons in life that make us the person we are today. You would have never grown up had these lessons not been taught to you.
Coming back to priorities, I feel that my present self is a lot more mature than my 13 or even my 16 year old self. She does not run behind those things that earlier meant the world to her. Right now, I’ m okay not being the popular kid. I am okay fading into the background. Right now, the only thing I wish for is Respect and Trust. I yearn for them from everyone I interact. If I don’t get these , I simply leave. Right now, I’m not yearning for a relationship too. If it has to happen, it will. Obsessing over someone is pointless and exhausting. My present self has turned her focus away from all these things and is now looking for new ways to discover herself.
She constantly tries to reinvent herself. She constantly tries to break away from her shell and tries to create an experience for herself. She stands for what she believes in. She accepts herself but also knows that there is still room for improvements. I like her.
It of course goes without saying that life will probably change in a few more years once again. I have already started noticing a few changes here and there; whether they are in the face of relationship, thoughts and ideas or my own self.  I look forward to the change though. Maybe my ‘future self’ has touched many lives and is creating a revolution that will make the world a better place. Or maybe she is just living an ordinary life filled with extra ordinary experiences. Either way, life is something to look forward to.


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