The 21st Century Chronicles.

It’s a typical Sunday morning. I open my eyes from my slumber around noon, prepare my strong cup of tea and grab the Sunday daily to get myself updated with the happenings in and around the world. As I settle myself  to read the news, I’m greeted by a piece of news which shocks me and disgusts me, at the same time.
There on the very first page, I find an article about an incident relating to animal cruelty. Apparently, 3 pups – 2 female and one male , were wrapped up in barb wire and dumped in a garbage bin near a reputed education facility in Mumbai. These pups were infested with maggots who had managed to drill into the very bones of the pups. It was only 3 days later that a student , who was passing by, noticed the howling coming from inside the garbage bin. He contacted a local animal welfare organization who were then able to remove the pups and take them to a local veterinary. Sadly, out of those three innocent little pups,two were not able to survive the ordeal while one of them is now in safe hands.
Volunteering for an animal welfare organization has taught me a lot about animals.I have learned that animals are scared but they are equally trusting. They won’t harm you unless they sense danger. They eagerly accept you as their friend if you show them even a small act of kindness. Why do we ‘human beings’ harm them then? Isn’t it enough that we create troubles for the fellow beings living with us that now we have to take out our vengeance, anger and hatred out on those who just want a peaceful co-existence?
Why has man become so intolerant? Is our own advancement taking away our human side while giving us comfort? If you can’t be a lover of animals at least don’t be a hater.
Here’s a link of the whole article :
In other news, Indian telegram services are now being withdrawn. This news conveys the end of an era for us Indians. I still remember how I used to go to the Post Office near my house and buy post cards in bulk so that I could send them to my friends and also my favorite idols. I remember participating in random contests they held in Archie Comics, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Diamond Comics (and many more) and awaiting a response for the same! Those are some of my fondest memories of the telegram. Decades ago, our parents got all of their work done through the telegram the same way we get it done through e-mail today. The telegram came baring all sorts of news- good ,bad,exciting & not so exciting. But like all good things even this had to come to an end and so it did.
Truthfully, we don’t need the telegram. We have much better and faster services available today in our very own smart phones. But it’s that feeling of nostalgia , that alarming piece of reality that bites us all. I think there’s a  link in these two random pieces of news. They, in their own way, indicate the present state of the society we live in. One indicates our progress while the other indicates our alarmingly decreasing level of morality and human conscience. Are we giving away our humanity, tolerance in order to achieve a few more comforts? Like in those fairy tales where the pauper sells his soul to The Devil to become a Prince?  I’m not against advancement. I’m against the price we pay for advancement.
But the world has hope. There are some things that never change. Kids still don’t give a damn about anyone’s caste/region or nationality as long as they’ve got someone to play along with. Whenever an elderly falls, I almost immediately see a youth running towards them, to give them a hand.
Yes, the world still has some hope left in it’s core.


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