Why don’t people treat you the way you treat them?

They say that people treat you exactly how you treat them. I disagree. Imagine this, you are talking to your best friend and telling her about the awesome day you’ve had but after a while ,you realize that she isn’t really interested in listening about your awesome day. Nor does she seem particularly happy for you. It becomes awkward and you keep the phone. You then ponder over the times you sacrificed your sleep to make her smile when she was a bit low.
Imagine, yourself as the ‘good child’ of the family. Your grades are top notch, you are described as kind and polite by those who know you.  All you ever expect from your parents is support and love. But then you are left to discover one fine day, that your dreams and your ambitions which are not academics oriented, are not at all ‘important’ in your parent’s eyes. And they will never support you in such. You ponder over those adolescent days when you sat alone in your room thinking about all the things you are going to do when you grow up.
Why is it that people take us for granted? Are you expected to ‘be polite, be a scholar, be a caring friend’ even at the cost of your happiness? Are you supposed to give your everything everyday to everyone concerned and never ask for anything in return? Why don’t people treat you the way you treat them?
I recently saw a quote on a social website that read,”Key to a good life? Low expectations.” I stopped for a moment and pondered over it. Are we really supposed to go on with our lives thinking and assuming that we deserve much less? Is it really how you are supposed to live a full and happy life?
All a human being ever really wants is to be valued and to be cared for. Someone to tell you that ,yes ,you are important. But then again life isn’t fair. More often than not ,you will end up falling on your face. You may go through heart brakes which shall always be caused by those, you trusted the most. Who ever said that life is going to be easy, eh?
Summarizing, I don’t think the statement ‘People will treat you the way you treat them’ is applicable in the present world at all. Instead, I suggest you try- Treating people exactly the way they treat you.


2 thoughts on “Why don’t people treat you the way you treat them?

  1. I do believe human interaction and the idea of feeling safe is what most people look for. I think our society has developed such a condemned and self-focused mindset that we often don’t find complete connection with someone else. Then again once you do find that in a friend or relationship, it’s all the better. People need to see love to learn it or understand it. Just another outlook.

    Very strong writing, keep it up!

    • Thankyou ! 🙂
      Surprisingly that was the first thing that came to my mind !I though to myself, ‘Maybe I’m not giving someone the chance to be there for me’ ..But even after letting my guard down I find it hard to find someone who is there because he/she wants to be there. Maybe you are right though- the right person, if ever comes along, will be able to change my perceptions, I think 🙂

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