Dear Future kids,

I am surely far too young to even think about having a family. But right now’s there is just so much on mind that I really can’t wait to jot it all down. So here :
If you ever have a dream no matter how bizarre ,don’t be afraid to voice it. You are a person , a person with his/her unique aspirations and goals. The way you see life may be quite different from the way I see it but I really hope that doesn’t ever get in our way. I’ll try to be as supportive of your dream as I would have been of mine.
If you ever think that you are in love with someone do me a favor, before building castles in your brains for the two of you to live in, gather all your courage and talk to that person. Say ‘Hi!’, say anything.. but start a conversation on your own without waiting for the other person to do the same. As life has taught me, you don’t really know a person until you talk to them. Also, time really doesn’t wait for anyone,so grab the opportunity as soon as you can.
If I am ever hard on you about your eating habits and if I ever forbid you from eating  those delicious things in the shop , remember it’s because I’m trying to protect you from all those ridicules, remarks and heart breaks that I went through when I was a kid. But remember this too, I’ll always love and protect you no matter how or who you decide to be.
If ever you think that I’m not listening to you and merely telling you what to do with your life , let me know. I’ll obviously be older than you and I’ll probably give you  the ‘I have seen far more world than you’  speech (I’ll try not too) but I’m realist enough to know that I can be wrong too. So just tell me what you want and if for some reason I don’t agree, I promise, we’ll find a midway.
I’ll have two kids. Just two. But in case if I ever have three or more , I promise to look after you, my middle child. You’ll probably think that the older one is too special for me and the younger one is a baby in my eyes and you might feel neglected. How do I know this? Because I am the middle child in my family. And I never want you to feel the negligence I felt, ever in your life.
I’ll probably hug and kiss you a lot and you might be embarrassed. But here’s my suggestion for that- ‘Deal with it’.
Someday I’ll be responsible for someone. And I hope I’ll be able to do a good job at it.


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