Things I do before I actually go to sleep.

I was recently watching the Ellen show and there she had this doctor that recommended that we should follow a routine before we go to sleep.
Here’s mine :
1) Check for monsters, ghost reflections in mirrors, and any unknown movement.
2) Play with my phone. And I mean like playing ‘switch on and off’ with it.
3) Hopelessly go on instagram, Twitter, facebook, vine and hope that someone is jobless enough to post some New stuff every 5 minutes.
4) Think about things I’ll do when I’ll get up. Like buy a hospital, help the orphans and probably lose all my weight in one day.
5) Think about what I should have said instead of what I actually Said and what I should have done instead if what I actually did. And decide to never make friends ever.
6) Think about my parallel universe and wish that every person got to live in the real as well as the parallel word.
7) Pee. Like every 20 minutes. And then decide that enough is enough, I’m not going to pee until my bladder bursts. Then pee anyway.
8) Get all philosophical and formulate my own theories about life and then dream about publishing them someday. (Yeah, right)
9) Think about gross things like the Human centipede. Ew.
10) Plan to count till a 1000. Get bored at 10.


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