Fighting for life.

You hear the phrase ‘fighting for life’ in so many different places. You hear it at the hospital, at the gossip mills, near a deathbed et cetera. To most of you, it might indicate the struggle for a person’s life against the certainty of his death. But to me, the phrase has come to mean, to symbolize a completely different thing really.
I have realized in all my years of life that life doesn’t hand out apple pies to you whenever you want it to. It usually makes you run all the corners of the block, inside and outside of this street, over the bridge, across the freeway and it makes you climb this huge mountain to only see, if this is what you really want and if you are willing to dance the whole routine for it.
Many of us give up. It’s only natural. ‘Life is unfair and we are better of knowing that rather than trying to change that’, say our dear friends. But come on , really? Are you really going to give up something you really-oh so badly wanted just because a few people think that you can’t do it? If you say yes, then congratulations. You have proved those assholes correct.
Let me list down six reasons you should do what you want to do and not listen to some loser who never could have done it anyway :
1. That’s what you always wanted to do. It was your passion since you were a young kid just about learning the basics of life. A dream cared for , for that long cannot be just given up on, can it?
2. Prove those retards wrong. They never wanted you to succeed. They probably couldn’t fulfill their own dreams and that’s why they can’t bear to see you achieve yours.
3. Think about that awesome feeling you’ll get when you will have not only achieved what you set out for but also proved those who doubted you, wrong.
4. You’ll be an inspiration to someone. Even better.. you’ll be an inspiration to yourself.
5. Obstacles are not permanent, they are temporary. They are bound to give away if you consistently keep applying enough pressure
6. You will achieve your dream! Won’t that give you much more happiness than anything else in the world?
If you still find yourself unsure and doubtful, ask yourself this- Why you? Out of all the dreams that you could have had or out of all the people that could have had this dream, why this dream? Why you? If some high mighty power put a dream inside your heart than there just have been a reason. Find it and make it your inspiration.
Quoting Will Smith from the movie Pursuit of Happyness, “Don’t ever let somebody tell you you CAN’T do something. You’ve got a dream? You’ve got to protect it.”
See you on the other side.


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