6 things the cartoons didn’t tell you.

Were you a vulnerable kid who thought that whatever happened in a Disney movie happened for real? Well, I guess we are similar that way then. I have made a list of a few things that Disney movies lied about.
1- Mermaids aren’t a real thing. So don’t go looking for them when you go fishing. Trust me, I know.
2- Nothing really happens if you go and stand outside a door and say “Open Sesame!” . I tried that on a neighbor’s door once. Stood there for like ever.
3- You know how Tom injures himself when he accidentally steps on a landmine and he like immediately gets a band aid on his face and then he just wiggles a bit and he’s all right again? Yup, never gonna happen in real life. You’d probably die though.
4- Not every vampire or werewolf want to get in your pants. Most of them just want to have you as their dinner. 
5- Prince Charming are always late and do take a lot of time to come. Probably becauseof the traffic caused by unruly horses.
6- Animals, toys, teapots etc. Don’t talk in your absence. I have proof.


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