Music : A sound that’s right for you.

What is the right type of music? We all have our own answers for that question. Some may say that the right type of music is the one that gives you an adrenaline rush just by listening to it, some might argue that the right type of music is the one that calms the inner you, solves turmoils within you that even you didn’t know existed, some might say that the there is no right type of music, any beat that pleases you is right for you. All definitions hold merit and somewhere i agree with each one of them. 

The power of music is unimaginable. It’s so strong that it surpasses boundaries and barriers. How many times have you found a connection with someone over the type of music that they listen to and share with you? I am sure many times. Recently, I read that a Canadian astronaut, recorded a song from his space station and uploaded it on a video sharing website. It just made me realize that that’s the power of music. Music doesn’t leave you even if you are crores of light years away from the earth. It’s always there in some part of you.

As I sit here typing, Richard Clayderman and Rahul Sharma create a wonderful fusion of different sounds using those beats that are a part of their different worlds. That’s another amazing thing about music : Pick up two different type of music , add them in the right proportion and you have something purely wonderful. Isn’t it magical?

How does one human being create a symphony that touches someone sitting in an entirely different part of the world? Does it mean that the one who makes the music is somehow, in a weird cosmic way, connected to the one who listens to it? They say that every human being is different. We all have different choices, priorities and tastes. Maybe that’s why when we find someone who shares even our remote interests, we feel we have found our ‘soul mate’. 

Music, it’s a sound that’s right for you. 


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