90s kids.

We 90s kids had it the best and I realize that now. Nickelodeon, Disney channel, cartoon network actually aired shows that didn’t bore you within 5 minutes of watching them. We had those really funny shows like The journey of Allen Strange, Rugrats, The Amanda show, All that and so many more 🙂
Growing up in India, I and my brothers always felt that America was really cool.The kids had their own awards shows and the schools they went too were fun too. Boy meets world, Small Wonder, Who’s the boss? ,Full House inspired me to be myself, believe in myself and showed me how every problem could be solved. These shows were the only refuge of three lonely children who had just shifted far away from their friends. We not only connected with the shows but also with those who acted in them.
It’s so sad when your favourite tv show comes to an end, isn’t it? The show and it’s characters become your family. We look up to those who play our favourite characters and in them we see the person we want to be someday.
I hope that someday someone who feels the way that I do makes really awesome tv shows that I could perhaps watch with my kids one day! Until then I shall stay in the memory lane of a decade that represents the most important part of my life – my childhood. 🙂


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